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Workshop 1: 10:00am Liz Walters – Mitsu Uchi & Hokuriku style – places still available

For those with some Taiko experience, this workshop will focus on one of the more difficult base rhythms Mitsu Uchi and explore solo work – style, colour and movement around the Taiko. Liz will introduce and teach expressive, fluid and circular movements and include some fun and challenging Bachi sabaki (Bachi twirling).

Workshop 2: 10:00am Miyuki Williams – Mugen Taiko Fundamentals – SOLD OUT

With two-plus decades of teaching experience, Miyuki Williams has trained all Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers’ professional players, past and present. This workshop will introduce the fundamental building blocks of Mugen Taiko Do, including use of weight and ki energy, plus drills to develop technique and stamina.

Workshop 3: 12:00 James Barrow – Miyake style – SOLD OUT

James has extensive performance experience with this rhythm, probably the most well-known of all taiko pieces played in the horizontal posture. For those new to miyake, the target will be to get to grips with the main repeating pattern. For those with some experience of the piece, the focus will be on posture, and differences between the traditional and stylised versions. If time allows we may look at the opening sections – kagura with the shime daiko, and the kiyari vocal.

Workshop 4: 12:00 Miyuki Williams – Mugen Taiko Performance skills – two tickets left!

With 1,000s of performances behind them, Mugenkyo have extensive experience in stage-craft, taught to all the members by Miyuki Williams. This workshop condenses the main principles of becoming a great performer, with a few tricks of the trade revealed!

Workshop 5: 14:00 James Barrow – Hiroshima-style – one place only!

James will teach a centuries-old, flute-led piece called Taiko Bayashi. From Hiroshima and played in the horizontal posture, the piece has a lilting, matsuri-festival feel. Players will learn some interesting bachi (stick) work, specifically placing the bachi against the drum skin to create different tones.

Workshop 6: 14:00 Liz Walters – Taiko Workshop for Beginners – one place available

For complete beginners or those who feel a little ‘rusty’, this workshop will take participants through Taiko basics – stance, Bachi grip, arm movements and voice work. Fun exercises will introduce a simple base rhythm, progressing to learning an overlying rhythm pattern. By the end of the workshop, participants who entered as a complete beginner will emerge ass Taiko players with a song under their belts and wanting more!

Workshop 7: 15:45 Markus Guhe – Introduction to Shakuhachi – few places available

Markus Guhe is a licensed Shakuhachi master and Shinobue performer. The sound of the Shakuhachi is the quintessential sound of Japan. The introduction to this fascinating instrument comprises a hands-on workshop, demonstrations, and stories about the background and history of the instrument. No prior knowledge is required. All participants will leave being able to play basic notes.